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The PBCL’s vision—to help you succeed—is not only grounded in its history, but is our conviction and propels the company forward. Focused on its mission to deliver intelligent security infrastructure for the

most efficient and effective risk management, PBCL strives to be a world class company in real-time adaptive network security, giving organizations maximum knowledge and capacity to protect themselves against attacks. ...more

According to USCERT, MITRE, SANS and the FBI, a majority of successful attacks are exploits against known vulnerabilities behind corporate firewalls

on wired or wireless networks . These “insider” attacks cannot be circumvented by traditional countermeasures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems or antivirus software. 
We can help you to detect & respond to these threats from network connected computers, returning mobile users, wireless devices, new devices and even detect imitation users (spoofed machines) in milliseconds including all un-trusted and potentially hazardous computer assets shutting off your network access.

Our solution can provide you with the new ABC’s of network security – to (A)lert, (B)lock and (C)orrect the most critical problems .






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